A Single Girl’s (Horror) Stories of Online Dating

Being a single girl dating in 2020 is hard. I mean, it has always been hard, but nowadays, life has become so busy that there is not enough time to meet friends, let alone meet potential boyfriends. That’s why online dating and dating apps like Tinder and Okcupid have become so popular.

I remember when I was back in high school in Greece, my then best friend had just started using Badoo and talking to guys online. It had seemed to me so strange yet fascinating. I also thought she was so brave meeting strangers and sharing personal details with them. I believe that’s how she met her first proper boyfriend, if you know what I mean. He lived in Crete, she lived in Thessaloniki. They had a long-distance online relationship. I mean they didn’t last long, but it wasn’t because they met online (it was because he was a dick).

Anyway, I still find online dating peculiar and a bit frightening. It was not until I moved to England that I became familiar with dating apps and started using them. I remember the first online app I downloaded was OkCupid. That was back in 2015. Since then, I have used pretty much every popular online dating app, both free and paid. Yet, I’m still single, but with loads of funny/creepy stories to tell.

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Since this was the first app I ever downloaded, I’ll begin with it. It has both an app and a website, it’s free and it has the pretty much generic by now layout of swiping through photos. You can create a profile with a description, answers to questions etc. Then, the site matches you with potential dates and tells you how compatible you are based on the questions. Ninety per cent of the dates I’ve been on are from OkCupid. I’ve met some interesting people, however none of them became BFs. In fact, I am still talking with one person from there, who is the only one I ever saw more than once, but on a friendly level. I believe OkCupid ranks high in my book mostly because by reading through the answers to the questions you get an idea of what kind of person they are before actually meeting them.



I’m not gonna lie, this is my least favourite dating app. It’s free and I only downloaded it because I was upset with the guy I was seeing at the time, and my then roommate suggested it. My first match though was said guy. (Told you I have stories from online dating.) I didn’t know he had a profile there, and his intentions were down as “Want to date but nothing serious”. I mean I won’t get into details about how that went down, but this kinda ruined POF for me. The app lets you create a profile with details about height, weight, interests, intentions etc and it also has an income range selection. It has the swiping photos layout and it requires you put a headline, like an opening line. I hate that feature, because the shit people put in it is ridiculous. To come back to said guy from above, he put as a line the nickname I used to call him (possibly mocking me, I don’t know). So yeah, POF gets zero points from me, I deleted it long ago. I did go out on a date with one person from there I believe, who was also Greek, and who went ahead and grabbed my ass on our way back to the train, and was trying to kiss me even though I was pushing him away. Great fun times I tell you.

a single girl's stories on online dating marizé


Moving on to match.com which is a paid app/website that promises more. I got caught in that promise and paid for a 3 month membership. I think it was around £60, but that was a long time ago so I might be wrong. It plays it more sophisticated and asks questions about your interests like OkCupid. The only difference I noticed compared to the free apps is the number of matches -or the lack of to be exact. There were very few people available, and the ones that were available were equally creepy at times as in the free apps. I did go on a date with only one guy from this app. Apparently, he still lived with his parents to “save to buy a house”, didn’t drive and was convinced he could find me a more suitable job (I feel very burned out from what I do for a living, but that’s a different story for a different day). Long story short, I did not think we matched a lot and I was actually honest with him. I told him I was still recovering from my ex and did not feel ready to date, and he was very understanding. At least that’s what I thought until I saw he had sent the same long message on iMessage and on Whatsapp and on Match.com. I was not in a good place back then, and I found this quite intrusive and creepy so I blocked him. A few weeks later I realised blocking him was a bit of an overkill, so I unblocked him. I swear to God, a few hours later he messaged me. He is now happily engaged (to someone else) and they live together with their dog. I’m just glad he’s happy (and not with me).


Badoo is another dating app similar to Tinder. I think you have to connect your Facebook account or something. The only thing I remember from Badoo is the one and only date from it that I had with another Greek guy. We had a drink, then the pub closed (at 11pm cause that’s England for you) and we headed over to Burger King (that was back when I still ate meat). I thought the date was okayish, until he started asking me over and over and over to go to his place to watch a movie. His roommates were away apparently and he was alone. He didn’t even sent the almost mandatory message afterwards, saying he had a good time and it was nice meeting me. That is Greek men for you. At least I appreciate his straight forward manner, it’s something I miss from Greece and from modern dating.

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Inner Circle

This app promises more elite dating and I kept seeing it advertised everywhere online. You send them a photo of yourself and they choose whether you qualify to be part of their app, hence the Inner Circle. I’m still getting approved on it so I’ll get back to you on that one (insert laugh emoji).


This is currently the only app I have on my phone, which I very recently started using. It offers both free use and paid membership. So far, due to lack of time, I have not been on it a lot and have not gone on a date with anyone. However, it offers a different layout than the rest. You answer fun questions and you have to put six pictures of yourself for the profile to become active. The potential matches have to like either a picture or one of the match’s answers before they start a conversation. They basically got rid of all the swiping left or right malarkey. I like it the most so far and I still have hope that I might find love in it.

I’ve used other dating apps as well but the ones above are the ones I find worth mentioning. Have you been using any online dating apps recently? What is your experience with them, do you have any short stories of online dating? To be fair, I do have friends who even got married from a dating app. Maybe it’s just me, who knows. If you do have online dating stories, I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

M. x

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