When Carrie Bradshaw Wore It First: Iconic Designer Bags

Sex and the City (SATC)was undeniably an iconic and groundbreaking TV show. Many loved it and many hated it, but one thing is for sure; people were talking about Carrie Bradshaw and her group of girlfriends.

The main theme of the show was obviously sex and every episode narrated the sexual adventures of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha in Manhattan, NYC. But what many people don’t know, is that prior to SATC, designer bags and shoes were not as widely worn and bought. You could see them advertised in magazines and billboards, but even the actual designs were not that enticing (check out Sophie Shohet’s video to learn more about that topic).

When SATC was at its pick, I was only in elementary school and had barely seen the episodes. As I was growing up, I started hearing more and more about it. Eventually it started being broadcasted on Greek TV.However, back then, I wasn’t really aware of designers and fashion pieces. To me, Samantha wanting the Birkin meant absolutely nothing (to be fair the Birkin only became popular after that episode); her and Carrie going to the skunky LA neighbourhoods to seek the fake Louis Vuittons seemed peculiar.

In all honesty, it wasn’t until the Covid-19 quarantine, when out of boredom I began bing watching all my favourite TV series, that I started noticing the iconic fashion pieces on the show, and specifically the designer bags. I remember the first double take I did was at Carrie holding an original design of the -now immensely popular- Dior Saddle Bag. I actually thought I was imagining things, and I rewinded the scene (Carrie at Aidan’s shop, meeting him for their first date ). But yep, sure enough, a beautiful satin (or nylon?) pink and white Dior Saddle Bag with gold hardware was staring at me from under her arm.

It was at that moment that I realised two things:
number 1. I’ve watched the SATC TV show plus the two movies three times, yet I never noticed the iconic fashion pieces!
number 2. Most of the said iconic pieces -of this late ‘90s-early ‘00s show- are still “It” designer items today! A simple Insta search can demonstrate that gloriously.

So, I decided to pay closer attention to all the scenes, and note down Carrie Bradshaw’s most iconic designer bags. Listed below are her most fashionable pieces (IMO of course) and the modern equivalents that are still popular nowadays.

1. The Dior Saddle Bag

carrie dior saddle

The iconic Dior Saddle Bag. This bag has done a major comeback. You see it everywhere, especially on Instagram accounts of beauty/fashion influencers. However, it’s an ambiguous bag, with many people finding it ugly and not worth the money. I’ve heard it being compared to a liver before!

Modern Equivalents:
Unfortunately, the gorgeous model Carrie had on the show is not available for purchase, unless you find it in a second-hand luxury goods retailer. However, the closest equivalent I found as seen below is the Ecru Saddle Bag, featuring at £2,450.00. Coming next, is the most well known design of the saddle bag, which is the blue monogram one, at the same price.

saddle bag monogram

saddle bag white

2. The Pink Fendi Baguettecarrie pink fendi

I absolutely loved this bag and I’m gutted it’s not available nowadays! It’s the classic statement Fendi baguette bag, in bright glossy pink. Carrie used to carry it around as a clutch or as a shoulder bag using the short strap. A stunner without a doubt!

Modern Equivalent:
This is the closest Fendi baguette I could find resembling the one Carrie had. It costs £1,980.00 and features pink leather with the characteristic FF Fendi logo.

3. The Gucci Belt Bag

I never noticed this bag until Carrie walked in the bar where Aidan was flirting with the waitress, and I could make out the cross GG statement logo of Gucci. Belt bags have become very popular these days, and they do are handier than regular bags, especially for clubbing. The bag Carrie is wearing is actually a men’s bag; nevertheless, it’s a beautiful fashion piece, for a more casual look.

Modern Equivalent:
I present two equivalents down below. One of them is almost identical to the one Carrie was wearing, but it is in brown colour rather than blue. It is indeed found in the men’s section of Gucci, and it will cost you only £595. I’ve also added the women’s version of the original GG belt bag, at £705.

gucci belt bag

gucci belt bag

4. The Dior Monogram Foldable Clutch

carrie dior clutch

This interesting Dior clutch bag was from the scene Carrie runs to get the taxi, because she’s late for a Wall Street event, where she cuts the ribbon. This is an unusual Dior monogram piece, which to my surprise exists today in the same design. The only difference is instead of brown they sell it in blue colour.

Modern Equivalent:
Seen below is the Dior foldable monogram clutch, costing £1,400.00, with a vintage feel and the statement CD gold monogram clasp.

dior clutch

5. The Fendi Clutch Bag (last episode)

Last but not least, in the very last scene of Sex and The City, Carrie is seen eagerly searching for her phone through her small Fendi bag, because Mr. Big is calling! This bag caught my eye, because, similar to the baguette, it’s a bright pink Fendi, very fitting of Carrie’s personality. It’s a small carry on bag, with shiny gold details on the handles. This bag is a much posher, grown-up version of the bags Carrie was usually seen with, and I can’t help but wonder if it was done on purpose by the writers, to symbolise Carrie’s growth and happy ending.

Modern Equivalent:
Not quite the same, this modern version of Carrie’s last designer bag seen in the show, is an elegant yet playful small Fendi pink bag. It costs a whopping £2,100.00 and does come in other colours if pink is not your thing.

So, there you have it! Carrie Bradshaw’s most iconic designer bags and how to get them nowadays! I won’t lie, I wish I knew fashion when the show was first being broadcasted, so I could buy the same bags and stroll around Manhattan pretending I’m one of the girls, ready for adventures!

Let me know in the comments below which are your favourite Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic designer bags or favourite designer shoes from Sex & The City!

Lots of love!
M. x