Happy December! Kick Start the Christmas Season with These 5 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

Hello, hello you little snowflakes!❄️ Happy December 1st ! ! ! The Christmas season has officially started!πŸŽ„ Did you get an advent calendar this year? Have you already opened the 1st door today? ?

Believe it or not, advent calendars are not a big thing where I come from. I first saw them when I moved to England, and I was fascinated by all the types of calendars you can get! So, what better way to celebrate the official beginning of the holiday season, than making your very own advent calendar.

If you try any of these, do leave a comment below to let me know!

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1. Mindfulness Advent Calendar

mindfulness jar Christmas advent calendar

This one caught my eye and is what I will be doing this year. There’s nothing better than reading a positive quote every morning. It’s fairly easy to make; all you need is an empty jar, a few pieces of paper, scissors and a pen.

For the more high tech peeps out there, you can type the quotes and print them, but if we’re talking DIY, we might as well go all the way!

For those of you who are not as artsy, you can buy this calendar here.


2. The Last Minute Advent Calendar

Are you running out of time and have not bought an advent calendar for yourself or your children yet? No probs. This unique advent calendar is an easy way to feel festive and get a little present or choc of your choice every morning! πŸ™‚

Get instructions on how to make this from Julie Blanner.


3. DIY Chocolate Advent Calendar

Chocolate addicts unite! 🍫 I love me a good chocolate advent calendar. But I usually have two problems with them:

  • I am a vegan and it’s hard to find dairy free chocolate and
  • The chocs are always unsatisfactorily small. 😬

Therefore, I love this idea and will be replicating it for sure. I like the fact you can buy your favourite chocolate box and turn it into a lil’ Christmas calendar! 😊

Follow the instructions of Somewhat Simple to make this.


4. Advent Calendar from a Shoe Organiser

advent calendar from shoe organiser

This is another incredibly creative idea that caught my eye. πŸ‘€ I would have never thought to use a shoe organiser as an advent calendar.

This is fairly easy to make and you probably have a spare shoe organiser lying around somewhere.

If you want to re-create this, visit Elizabeth Joan Designs.


5. Coffee Tin Advent Calendar

This simple advent calendar can also be used as Christmas decor. 🎍 I love how crafty you can get with it, and had I more space in my flat I would probs do this.

It’s also a great one to make if you have children! They can add whatever they wish in the little tins, and decorate them however they like!

Instructions on how to make this by Look What I Made.


BONUS (for the hardcore DIYersπŸ› ): Faux Pallet Wood Advent Calendar

This idea was the inspiration for this post, as I saw it on Pinterest and fell in love with it. It takes quite a bit of effort, compared to the above, but you could certainly make it a family Christmas project and enjoy it until Christmas Day. It also makes for incredible home decor!😍

If any of you makes this, please do tag me! I’m a sucker for all things Arts and Crafts. πŸ™ƒ

Follow Average But Inspired for instructions.


What do you think of these advent calendar ideas? Do you love them as much as I do? Tell me in the comments if you prefer a chocolate advent calendar or one with hidden mini presents! 🎁

Ly all

M. x

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