What’s On My Amazon Kindle Bookshelf

When I was younger, before Amazon Kindle even existed, I used to be such a bookworm. I had three bookcases at home filled with all my books. At some point, I started worrying I’d run out of space (my family house wasn’t incredibly big!).

Then, one day, I found a forum online talking about e-books and e-book readers. Until then, I had no idea that was even a thing! If my memory doesn’t fail me, that was around early 2000s (millennial baby here 😁).

I still lived in Greece and, at the time, e-books and e-book readers were not something you could buy from the shop. Even online, you had to order it from Ebay or something, pay loads in shipping fees and wait 1-2 months to have it delivered.

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Long story short, I bought it second-hand from a Greek website similar to Gumtree the old fashioned way – I went met the guy face to face, gave him the money and he gave me his original Kindle (you know the one with the keyboard! 😍).

To this day I still have, use and love my Kindle. I’ve stocked it up with so many books since I got it and I go through phases of using it and then forgetting about it and then remembering it again.

I still love paperback books, however, I adore the convenience of an e-book reader, especially when you go on holiday.

Before e-books, I could pack max 2-3 books in my suitcase. Who remembers Rory Gilmore packing her school bag so full with books she had to carry one in her hands? Yeah, that was me! 🙈

Rory Gilmore school bag books amazon kindle
Rory and Lorelai Gilmore

But, ever since I got my Kindle, it gave me a newfound freedom. Now, I could carry ALL of my books -hell, my whole bookcase if I wanted to- with me everywhere.

I still buy my favourite books in paperback form, but my go-to book format is mobi or epub. These days Amazon has developed the Kindle app, too, meaning I can even read my books on my iPhone if I’m really short of space! 😎

Anyway, enough with all the rumbling! The reason I wanted to write a post about what’s on my Amazon Kindle bookshelf is because I find it’s a bit like the “What’s in my bag” videos.

I like being nosy and seeing what books other people are reading. 😅 I think it makes interesting content!

If you’re reading this and have a Kindle, I challenge you to post YOUR what’s on my Amazon Kindle bookshelf! Don’t forget to tag me! ✌🏽

Here goes, then, all the e-books on my Amazon Kindle bookshelf as of June 2021! I like to make collections in my Kindle library so I can tell a bit easier what is where.

Leisure Books

  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Decoded
  • After You
  • The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily
  • Talking As Fast As I Can
  • The Magpie Society
  • Dash & Lily’s Book Of Dares
  • This Time Next Year
  • Just For Christmas
  • Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man
  • The Note
  • The Modern Break-Up
  • Grimm’s Fairy Tales
  • Iniquity
  • Rescue Me
  • Before The Coffee Gets Cold
  • The Book Thief
  • The French For Always
  • The Dressmaker’s Gift
  • Winter Garden
  • Everything I Know About Love
  • The Dreamers
  • Becoming Michelle Obama

Prime Reading*

  • The Travel Book
  • Journey To The Centre of Earth
  • Great Expectations
  • New Scientist (magazine)
  • Women’s Health (magazine)
  • Meet The AdironDogs (magazine)
  • Pandemic 1918
  • Spring House (magazine)

Educational Books

  • The Courage To Be Disliked
  • The Art of Creative Thinking
  • The Social Skills Guidebook
  • Will I Ever Be Good Enough
  • Free Yourself From Anxiety
  • How To Talk to Anyone
  • Regretting Motherhood
  • Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude
  • I Could Do Anything If Only I Knew What It Was
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Bright Line Eating

Coffee Table Books

  • The Travel Book
  • New Scientist Feb ’21(magazine)
  • Women’s Health Mar ’21 (magazine)
  • Adirondack Life Jan ’21 (magazine)
  • Becoming Michelle Obama

There you have it! That was a little peek at my Amazon Kindle bookshelf! Have you read any of these books? What is on YOUR Kindle bookshelf? Tell me in the comments! 💜

M. x

*Prime Reading i.e. free reading material (e-books, magazines, comics etc.) included with Amazon Prime.

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