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Hello, darlings and happy Saturday! It’s all sun and blue skies today, however, the autumn smell is definitely in the air. You know the one, crisp morning and the scent of autumn leaves and the odd fireplace. I decided to post something fun today, as it’s been a very long while since I posted on a Saturday. After some thought, I think I’m going to start posting on a Saturday morning or afternoon again. I quite enjoyed writing my posts on a Saturday morning with my morning coffee and reading all your lovely comments. 😊

So, for today, we’re doing the Blogtober Tag. As you know, autumn is my favourite season, and I have already published some posts about the best fall movies this autumn, the ultimate vegan pumpkin spice bread recipe and what to watch this Halloween. It’s only fitting that I do the Blogtober Tag! 🍁 No one tagged me to do it per se, but I’ve seen posts by many bloggers I follow, including Mind. Beauty. Simplicity. I’m not sure who was the OG blogger that created this tag, but if you know them please comment below so I can link back to their blog.

If you have a blog, I nominate you to do the Blogtober Tag (and leave a comment below so I know to check it out!). If you don’t have a blog, well… Consider this your sign to create one! 😄

Here goes then. 🎃🍂☕️

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What is your favourite scent?

Without a doubt, the scent of early crisp autumnal mornings. This, and the smell of a pumpkin spice latte. 😍 If you know, you know. Also, I quite enjoy the smell of rain during autumn; it’s a combination of wet dried leaves and wet soil.

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Do you prefer pumpkin pie or apple pie?

Hard LOL. Is there even a competition? Pumpkin pie of course! To be precise, I love the Greek version of sweet pumpkin pie with filo pastry and raisins (yum!).

What is one autumn tradition you have?

Going a bit basic bitch here, I love a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte and watching autumn films. Another tradition I have is visiting London during autumn, and specifically taking a morning (dog) walk in any of my favourite London parks (either Holland Park, Hyde Park or Primrose Hill). I’m trying to establish a new tradition -which is proving hard with Covid restrictions- and that is to visit Edinburgh in autumn, preferably on Halloween day.

What are you most excited about in fall?

I always look forward to the change in nature, all the different colours and the leaves turning from green to orange to brown. I always can’t wait for the new autumn movie and/or TV show releases too!

What is your favourite scary movie?

Hands down, my favourite scary movie is Insidious. And that is because it’s the only scary movie that did, indeed, scare the living shit out of me! I couldn’t sleep at night the first time I watched it! Usually, I’m quite blaze about horror films, if anything I find them funny. But scary movies that play on the paranormal factor really spook me. 😰

What is your favourite Halloween candy?

Anything with pumpkin and chocolate! I quite enjoy the Reese’s Pumpkins.

Favourite pumpkin spice flavoured thing

As mentioned above, the sweet pumpkin spice Greek pie. ☺️

sweep pumpkin pie greek the blogtober tag

What is your warmest fall memory?

Well, my family is not big on Halloween – and on holidays, in general. My warmest fall memory in all honesty is probably my first autumn living alone with my dog. The autumn decor, the PSL, the fall movies, the autumnal vibes of my garden…

What is your favourite autumn must-have?

A chunky, cosy sweater and a pumpkin spiced coffee.

autumn chunky sweater the blogtober tag

Please do this fun tag and let me know in the comments below so I can check it out! I live for these sort of things! 💛

M. x

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