6 Best Goyard Tote Dupe Bags: Cheap But Classy Alternatives

I want to preface this post by saying that this is not a cheap Goyard replica bags article. As we all know, sites like DhGate, AliExpress and sometimes even Amazon and Ebay sell Goyard “dupes” which are not really bag dupes but knock-offs and illegal replica bags of the originals. I don’t support this, and this is not what this post is. Also, none of the links below are affiliate marketing links. 🙂

A few months ago, I wrote a post about affordable Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote dupes. To this day, that post is by far the most popular post in my blog and the one that brings the most SEO traffic. I had considered writing a post about expensive and luxury LV Neverfull alternatives, and I probably will at some point, but for now, I decided to do a list of all the best, cheap and expensive-looking Goyard tote dupe bags.

It is quite debatable which the best Goyard bag to buy is and whether Goyard bags are worth the money in general. Personally, I’m a fan of the Artois bag, because I live in England and our bipolar weather is more suitable for zip closure bags (this was actually one of the reasons I sold my Neverfull). Money wise, it’s a very long discussion whether these luxury designer bags are worth it, especially when a lot of the Goyard totes are made of canvas not leather. And, there are ethical issues such as the profit versus the quality, the animal cruelty aspect of leather goods and of course, the working conditions of the workers making these bags.

Anyhow, in the current financial state of the world, I cannot justify buying a £2k+ “luxury” bag, especially when – to quote Kourtney Kardashian – there are people that are dying. Also, as I mention in my Louis Vuitton post, I am not a fan of logos and flashing your wealth. There’s this saying, and it is very true, that money talks but wealth whispers. 😎

So, here are some good quality and relatively cheap Goyard tote dupe bags, that will give you the same look, but without breaking the bank. All of them are from respectable designers, which means they are still good quality alternative bags to the Goyard Artois and Goyard Saint Louis.

I am aware that, apart from one, all of them are above the £100 threshold, which is still expensive in my budget book, however, remember that we are going for the Goyard designer tote bag look.

1. Collins 36 Tote bag by Lauren Ralph Lauren – £116

LAUREN RALPH LAUREN Collins 36 Tote bag synthetic beige/orange


I love this bag. It looks gorgeous and it comes in all different colours. Personally, I quite like the red and burgundy versions as well as the classic black/blue one.

2. Merrimack Tote bag by Lauren Ralph Lauren – £80.50

Another Ralph Lauren tote bag, which is an excellent Goyard Saint Louis alternative; it even has a similar pouch to the Goyard one. What I particularly love about this bag – apart from the price – is that it’s reversible. I love the floral pattern, but we all know monochrome bags fit better with everything and are more practical. This bag is an amazing bargain and good value for your money, considering you’ll be getting a designer quality tote.

3. Spade Flower Monogram Tote bag by Kate Spade – £189

Sadly, Kate Spade bags sometimes have a bad reputation, and I’m not even sure why. Perhaps, it’s because they are more accessible and mainstream, if you may, but I quite like them. I enjoy the colourful and playful designs, and I love the recent Spade Flower logo they’ve been sporting. It’s designer, yet not in-your-face designer.

This particular bag comes in two colours, a brown one, that resembles more the LV Neverfull in my opinion, and this beige one, which is a great Goyard dupe. Extra bonus, this dupe bag is also collapsible, which makes it very versatile.

4. Abigail Tote bag by Malene Birger – £167

This is a relatively not well-known brand – even though, I did recently spot this bag when I was re-watching “The Devil Wears Prada” – however, I find Malene Birger’s bags quite cute. They are simple, mostly monochrome and very well priced for the quality, particularly if you score a sales bargain. This one comes in a few colour and size variations, but my preference is this one because it is medium sized and neutrally coloured. What do you think? Do you know this brand?

5. Brown Celestin tote bag by Moreau – £596

At almost £600 this bag doesn’t exactly scream “affordable” but I wanted to include it in this list because Moreau is one of those secret luxury designer brands that only the elite know. People, and especially new money people, usually go for the flashy brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermès and even as of lately old money luxury brands, such as Goyard, Fauré La Page, Au Départ and so on.

But, there are still some luxury designer brands left, that are relatively hidden, and even though their quality is pristine, they remain somewhat exclusive. Moreau is one of them, and if you’re in the market for a more affordable Goyard tote dupe, with some extra cash to spare, then this is your bag. It even has the same canvas/linen inside lining as the Saint Louis tote.

6. Heidi Large Canvas tote bag by Michael Kors – £205

Last, but not least, this wouldn’t be a luxury designer dupe bag post if I didn’t include something from Michael Kors. 😆 Generally, I’m not a fan of the Michael Kors MK logo – which they slap on everything, from bags to shoes to jackets – but, on this occasion, I find the Heidi tote bag quite appealing.

I like that it’s not the outdated Michael Kors brown colour, which in turn makes the MK logo a bit less visible and, let’s face it, tacky. It’s a beautiful baby blue shade bag, and a lovely alternative to the Goyard Artois or Saint Louis totes. And, at £200, it’s not insanely expensive for a theoretically “designer” bag.


That’s all I have for you today. Let me know in the comments what you think of these bags, and if you’ll be buying any of them. My favourites are the Ralph Lauren ones, because who doesn’t like good old Ralph. 👜

I’d, also, love to know your opinions on designer bags and if you think they’re worth the money; perhaps, that’s a topic for another post on another day.

M. x