Hi, friends! 👋🏽

My name’s Maria and this blog is all about travels, books, veganism and sometimes mildly controversial topics. 🙃 I write about things that interest me and, occasionally, my posts are loosely based on my real life experiences.

I’ve had many on/off little blogs throughout the years, but nothing ever really stuck; I got bored easily and would lose my inspiration. However, I love reading and I love writing, so I kept going at it.👩🏻‍💻 If you’re reading this and you are a newbie/aspiring writer or blogger, consider this your sign to not give up and to keep trying! 🫶🏽

My goal is to create content that will be your getaway and inspiration. 💜 I aim to post on Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons. Sometimes, life gets too much and I fail to post when I’m supposed to, so bare with (my day job is in healthcare, so if you know, you know 😬).

If you’re still here, thank you, it means a lot! ❤️ I hope you enjoy my blog, and I’m expecting to hear from you in the comments!! 😌